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  • Mold Removal & Remediation

    A & B Construction & Restoration of Central Illinois provides expert mold removal and remediation services. Our experience in this field allows us to provide professional mold removal services at an affordable cost. When a mold problem is suspected or water damage has occurred, it should be dealt with immediately or at least within 24-48 hrs of its occurrence. If it is not dealt with it can begin to grow almost instantly if the conditions are right. However, we realize that immediate detection is not always possible, and therefore if a problem does exist We can provide the quick removal services needed to help keep a small issue from becoming a big problem that could cost thousands of dollars. You can rest easy knowing that A & B will be there for you and your home when disaster strikes. A & B Construction & Restoration of Central Illinois is a leader in environmental remediation, including mold or mildew. Whether it is confined to a single room or area or distributed throughout the structure. We use the most up to date industry standards to safeguard building inhabitants and return the entire molded area back to its healthy condition as quickly and safely as possible